Passages of Gothic: Sunday 20th March

Passages poster

A reminder that the organisers of Gothic Feminism and members of the Melodrama Research Group ( at the University of Kent will be exhibiting their art installation Passages of Gothic on Sunday 20th March. The piece looks at representations of the Gothic heroine throughout cinema history and includes clips from Rebecca, The Stepford Wives and The Innocents:

Experience an atmospheric multi-screen installation celebrating the Gothic heroine in film. While she is often dismissed as a passive observer, this curated collection of classic film clips privileges the Gothic heroine in moments of active investigation and bravery. These often stand directly in opposition to her suffering and persecution. Explore the slippage between women’s private and public behaviours in a setting which reflects, indeed heightens, the complexity of these underrated female protagonists.’

The installation incorporates many of the themes and inspirations behind Gothic Feminism’s Call for Papers so please come along and enjoy!

Passages of Gothic can be seen in Eliot Dining Hall, Eliot College, University of Kent on Sunday 20th March 2016, from 5-8pm. Each performance lasts approximately 20 minutes and will begin on each hour and half hour.

The installation is part of the University of Kent’s International Festival of Projections. You can find more information, including the Festival’s programme, here:



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