Get Out at the Gulbenkian

Dr Frances A. Kamm (me!) will be providing the introduction for the hugely successful Get Out at the Gulbenkian cinema on Tuesday 9th May at 7pm.

Get Out is the directorial debut of Jordan Peele and produced by Blumhouse Productions, and the film has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike. The film tells the story of Chris, who is in a interracial relationship with Rose, as he visits the latter’s parents and meets her strange extended family…

The introduction shall reflect upon the film’s success as a small-budget horror film, outlining why the film has been celebrated for its discussion of race and the African-American experience, particularly from the perspective of a young, black man. I shall also discuss the influences which are present in the film, including how the Gothic can be seen inspire the film’s narrative and tone, with the topic of gender now supplanted by discourses on race.

Tickets for the film are available here. (Please note: students are able to purchase 2 for 1 tickets for this screening).

I hope to see you there!

get out

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